The Celia Thaxter Garden Comes to You

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  • Barbara Pamboukes

    Great article!

    • rgnursery

      Thanks, Barbara!

  • Sarah Oppenheimer

    Lovely idea. I will go look in Prescott Park. I have seen the garden on Appledore. In my mind I think Hollyhocks. Good work! Recently I found just the plant I needed at Rolling Green for a barn.garden. – a tall perennial sunflower. Thank you Rolling Green!

    • rgnursery

      Hi Sarah! Definitely take a look. She had such a romantic style. Lots of delicate blooms, and it’s neat to see what flowers would have been used in a garden back then. She was such an interesting lady, and to see the world of gardening through her eyes a little bit is fun. I am so glad you found a plant here you like! I love the tall sunflowers! I am thinking of putting one by my mailbox. They would be perfect next to a barn! Thank you for reading, and for your nice note. Happy gardening to you!

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