Indoor Plants

Visit us in Greenland, N.H. to see our wide selection of new, trendy, classic or easy-care plants. Use this Indoor Plants Selection Guide to find the right plants for your interior spaces. Please note: plant inventories are subject to seasonality and availability.

A Huge Assortment of Fun, New Varieties
New Houseplants!
Pet-Friendly Plants
Mixed Succulents
Stunning Succulents
Easy Favorites
Ficus 'Benjamin'
Angel Wing Begonia
Happy Bean Peperomia
Air Plants
Pink Princess Philodendron
Goldfish Plant
Banyan Trees (Ficus microcarpa)
Hydroponic Houseplants
Lemon Lime Dracaena
Maranta Lemon Lime (Prayer Plant)
ZZ Plant
houseplants for low light
Heartleaf Philodendron
Braided Money Trees
String of Hearts
Snake Plant
Peace Lily and Tineke Rubber Plants
Fiddle Leaf Fig
Kitchen Herbs and Markers
African Violets
Ficus Audrey
Calathea and Prayer Plant
Blue Star Ferns
Asparagus and Button Ferns
Staghorn Fern
Tricolor Fern
Boston Fern
Pearl Necklace Succulent
Rex Begonia
Rubber Plant