Indoor Plants

Visit us in Greenland, N.H. to see our wide selection of new, trendy, classic or easy-care plants. Use this Indoor Plants Selection Guide to find the right plants for your interior spaces. Please note: plant inventories are subject to seasonality and availability.

Grow Fresh Air
Pet-Friendly Plants
Hanging Vanda Boxes
Maranta Lemon Lime (Prayer Plant)
'Birkin' Philodendrons
Fiddle-Leaf Fig
Pearl Necklace Succulent
Croton with Fern
African Milk Tree
Calathea / Rattlesnake Plant
Angel Wing Begonia
Watermelon Peperomia
Vining Philodendron
ZZ Plant
Mixed Succulent Containers
Air Plants
Fishbone Cactus
Burro's Tail