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  • linda troakel

    hello.my chameacyparis tree has a few drooping branches some showing a lot of brown.can we trim them ? the tree is 21 years old.thankyou

    • rgnursery

      Hi Linda. Yes – you are doing the plant good by pruning it. Look for any dead branches covered in brown needles. Cut off the dead branches that are visible on the outside of the tree, and gently move the other branches to look for dead branches hidden inside the tree. Prune these branches back to the trunk of the tree. Cut the branches off cleanly at a 90-degree angle with the trunk. Avoid tearing or breaking the branches, as this can lead to decay and disease that can harm the rest of the tree. This kind of cypress can be pruned anytime from spring to summer. Never remove more than a third of the branches or the stress of the pruning could kill the cypress. That should encourage new, fresh growth and keep the plant healthy and looking its best.


      Hi! Thanks for this article –
      Made me feel better. My new soft serve false cypress (planted in June) looked great all summer and has started to brown and orange/yellow. I’m worried it’s dying! Do I leave it alone?

      • rgnursery

        Hello there! Please give us a call and we can talk you through proper care. Evergreens do often shed foliage as a healthy part of their growing process and response to seasons, however, we want to make sure there’s nothing more going on. If you call us, ask for Steve or Beth and tell them what’s you’re seeing, and they can help you from there. If possible – be ready to send them a photo too – so they can see the symptoms.

  • Sherry Styer

    My beautiful fernspray hinoki lead top broke off. About 10-12 inch long. Now it has a stubble top. Will it grow the feathery fern like growth again?

  • Fred

    My newly planted soft serve cypress are all turning yellow beginning from the inside. Fred

    • rgnursery

      This is actually normal leaf drop. They will have yellow centers and leaf drop every few 2-3 years, and they are just shedding old foliage for new. They will bush out again in their centers, and return to normal fresh growth. So – nothing is wrong with the tree – no disease – it is normal growing behavior.

  • Tarek Mahjoub

    Hi, my Chamaecyparis is tiny, about 20 cm tall. It was soft and supple at first but now it’s quite dry and the needles fall off easily. However it is still very green. I’m very confused, should I be concerned?

    • rgnursery

      Hi Tarek. It sounds like normal needle shedding. How long has it been this way? Are you experiencing any drought? Are you in a zone heading into winter?

  • Petra

    Hi there i am looking for advise please. I bought in September very cute little tree soft to touch, the chamaecyparis laws ellwoods gold. It was nice and green in his pot. I put it in it’s pot in between my rockie garden as it says it likes full sun. But sadly most branches got brown and dry. I repoted it but nothing has changed. I wrapped it around the cloth and put ot with the pot into the digged hole in my garden to protect it from freeze. Is stil there but branches most of it stil brown..
    I wonder if i should prune it or how it would recover. I can send some additional pictures if you like. Please give me advice if you can.
    Many thanks,

    • rgnursery

      Hi Petra! Please send a few photos in to marketing@rollinggreennursery.com so we can be better able to help you problem solve. It sounds like the plant is responding to cold weather – and not necessarily sick or dying. They will often brown up and drop some foliage in winter, and then bush up again during the growing season. Putting a plant in a pot is harder on the plant because its roots are held above ground, root bound when they may want to expand their root systems, and exposed to freezing temperatures – this can all be problematic. You are right to try and shield it from cold winds, and find a warm and sunny spot for it as much as possible. And wrapping its roots/pot helps, but can still be a bit precarious for the plant overall. It may be signaling that it’s unhappy, and wants to be planted in the ground once the ground has fully thawed in the spring. Some plants can tolerate pots better than others. Please send photos, and we can help you determine better.

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