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  • linda troakel

    hello.my chameacyparis tree has a few drooping branches some showing a lot of brown.can we trim them ? the tree is 21 years old.thankyou

    • rgnursery

      Hi Linda. Yes – you are doing the plant good by pruning it. Look for any dead branches covered in brown needles. Cut off the dead branches that are visible on the outside of the tree, and gently move the other branches to look for dead branches hidden inside the tree. Prune these branches back to the trunk of the tree. Cut the branches off cleanly at a 90-degree angle with the trunk. Avoid tearing or breaking the branches, as this can lead to decay and disease that can harm the rest of the tree. This kind of cypress can be pruned anytime from spring to summer. Never remove more than a third of the branches or the stress of the pruning could kill the cypress. That should encourage new, fresh growth and keep the plant healthy and looking its best.

  • Sherry Styer

    My beautiful fernspray hinoki lead top broke off. About 10-12 inch long. Now it has a stubble top. Will it grow the feathery fern like growth again?

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