Every season, we strive to have some new and unusual Paeonia (Peonies) in stock, as well as a selection of the tried and true classics. Plant in full sun, and be careful not to bury them too deeply. So far, we have found these peonies to be nicely deer-resistant as well.

  • TREE PEONY are a deciduous shrub, with 5-7” flowers, that blooms early spring before herbaceous peonies, on last year’s stems.
  • SINGLE row of flowers with a center of stamens, graceful, and less inclined to lie down.
  • JAPANESE have a double row of petals with a center of enlarged stamens.
  • DOUBLE and SEMI-DOUBLE rounded flowers in which all or most of the stamens have turned into petals. These old-fashioned classics are loved for their hardiness and large flowers.
  • ITOH or Intersectional peony crosses of tree peony and herbaceous peony.


Cyntherea 30″, coral rose, semi-double, mis, Z4.
Coral Sunset 28”, semi-double, intense coral, fragrant, mid, Z3.
Do Tell 32”, Japanese, soft pink, mid-late, Z4.
Jacorma 34″, double, pink, late, Z3.
Lady Alexander Duff 36″, double, soft pink, fragrant, Z3.
Lady Orchid 30”, double pink, mid, Z4.
Paula Fay 36”, single, shocking pink, early, Z3.
Pecher 28″, semi-double, cream and pink, mid, Z3.
Pink Hawaiian Coral 36″semi-double, coral pink, early, Z3.
Sarah Bernhardt 36”, double, soft pink, late, Z3.
Raspberry Sundae 32”, double, cream & raspberry, fragrant, mid, Z3.
Riches and Fame 30″, violet-pink, double, mid, Z3.

Felix Crousse
28”, double, ruby-red, mid -late, Z3.
Francis Ortegot 30″, double, red, fragrant, mid, Z3.
Peter Brand 36″, double, deep red, mid to late, Z3.
Sword Dance 36″, Japanese, magenta red, late, Z3.
Rachel 32″, mid, magenta red, double, Z4.
Rosabel 36″, double, rosy red, mid, Z3.
Buckeye Belle 30″, semi-double, red, early, Z4.
Felix Supreme 32″, double, ruby red, mid, Z4.

Buttercup 34″, Japanese, white with butter-yellow center, mid, Z4.
Duchess de Nemours 34”, double, milky white, yellow center, early, Z3.
Elsa Sass 30″, double, white, late, Z4.
Festiva Maxima 34”, double, white with red spots, fragrant, early, Z3.
Krinkled White 32″, single, mid, Z3.
Shirley Temple 30″, double white, early, Z4.


Hillary 30″, double, peachy pink, mid to late, Z4.
Julia Rose 30”, semi-double, rose-pink fade to apricot, mid-late, Z4
Keiko 28″ double, pink, mid to late, Z4.
Singing in the Rain 30″, creamy yellow, mid to late, Z4.
Takara 28″, semi-double pink, mid to late, Z4.