Did you know that gardeners have selectively bred azaleas for hundreds of years, and have produced more than 10,000 different cultivars? Of the genus rhododendron, most azaleas are slow-growing, long-lasting, shade-tolerant perennials that bloom in spring. They demand minimal attention, but benefit from a good annual pruning and fertilization. They come in lovely reds, pinks, whites, purples, and yellows. Azaleas are a classic, reliable addition to any New England garden, and despite their prevalence, never fail to wow.

Atlanticum Z5
2-4′. A coast azalea. Blush white flowers. Colonizes.
Bollywood Star Z6a

2 – 3’. Semi-evergreen. Bright showy magenta flowers in spring, and attractive variegated foliage all season long. Season-long color.
Calendulaceum (Flame Azalea) Z5
4 – 8’. Deciduous. Muted yellow-red fall foliage. Ranges from yellow through orange to red-orange flowers. Beginning late May, early June.
Compacta Korean, Pink and White Form, Karen Z5
Semi-evergreen. Dwarf and compact. Orchid pink. Beginning mid May.
Cornell Pink Z5
4 – 6’. Deciduous. Maroon bronze fall foliage. Clear pink flowers. Beginning mid-late April.
Delaware Valley White Z5
3 – 5’. Evergreen. Yellow fall color. Single, large, white flowers. Electric Lights Double Pink Z4 6-7’h x 4-5’w deciduous, foliage turns burgundy in fall.
Gibraltor Z5-8
4-6′. Funnel-shaped, bright orange flowers with ruffled petals. Deciduous, Blooms April, May.
Girard’s Crimson Z5

2 – 4’. Evergreen. Spring blooming April/May, part shade.
Girard’s Hot Shot Z5 2 – 3’. Evergreen. Orange-red flowers.
Hot Ginger and Dynamite Z5
This large Rhododendron arborescens Sweet Azalea averages 8 to 15 feet tall when mature. Like well-drained, consistently moist soils, such as by streams. Flowers late June into July. Red foliage in fall
Kaempo Z5
18 – 24”. Evergreen. Purple-red winter color with bronze tints. Deep-pink single flowers. Beginning early June.
Karen Z4-5
2 – 4′. Very hardy, highly reliable, with rich lavender-pink, hose-in-hose flowers on a vigorous, upright plant. Foliage turns a brilliant burgundy in the fall. Blooms April, May.
Kiusianum Komo Kulshan Z5
2 – 3’. Pink flowers have a picotee edge with a white throat. Plant is low-growing and compact. A favorite for bonsai, rock gardens and those who love dwarf foreground plants.
Kiusianum White Form Z5
2 – 3’. Miniature evergreen. Bronzy autumn leaves. Tiny pure white flowers. Beginning mid-late May.
Lemon Lights Z4-7
4-6′ T, 3-4′ W. Lighter yellow on the outer edges, gold-toned throat. Likes moist, well-drained soils. Blooms April, May.

Mandarin Lights Z4
5 – 6.5’. Deciduous. Bronze fall foliage. Bright, mandarin-orange spring flowers before leafs out for summer. Beginning early-mid May.
Millenium Z5
A Swamp Azalea that produces small fragrant blooms in late May and June, starting with velvety red buds that open to dark pink flower clumps.  The bloom period is a month or more, especially when the spent flowers are deadheaded.  The foliage is green with a glaucous silver underside.
Northern Lights Z3-7
Developed for bud hardiness. 5-8’T. Full sun to partial shade. Mid spring to early summer blooms. Moderate growth rate.
Parade Z4-8
4 – 5′ T, 2 – 3′ W. Rounded heads of true pink flowers adorn this plant from early to mid summer, adding a light vanilla fragrance to the garden. Mildew resistant deciduous foliage turns bronze-green and orange in fall.
Stewartstonian Z5-8
4-6′. Clusters of medium-sized, bright orange-red flowers appear in spring. Excellent fall foliage color. Blooms in April.
Tri-lights Z4
5’. Deciduous. Fragrant, shades of pink flowers with a yellow botch. Beginning late May, early June.
Viscosum (Swamp Azalea) Z3
3 – 5’. NATIVE Deciduous. Colorful in fall. Fragrant, white or pink flowers. Grows well in sun or shade Beginning early July.
Viscosum Pink ‘n Sweet Z4
4 – 5’. NATIVE Deciduous. Bronze in summer, purple-red fall foliage. Rich spicy fragrant, pink flowers with lighter pink and yellow eye. beginning mid-late June.
Roseum Marie Hoffman aka Rose Shell Azalea Z4/5
4 – 8’. Deciduous. Intensly fragrant, yellow bronze foliage.
Weston’s Innocence Z4/5
3-5′ T and W. Vigorous and late-blooming, producing fragrant white flowers in summer. Glossy green foliage turns burgundy-red in fall. It has an upright, spreading habit that becomes more mounded over time.
Weston’s Lemon Drop Z4/5
5 – 6’. Deciduous. Pale yellow flowers in July with faint lemon scent, red fall color.
Weston’s Popsicle Z4/5
4 – 6’. Deciduous. Fragrant pink flowers with orange flair in June, full sun/part shade, burgundy-red fall foliage.