purple lilacs

Lilacs need full sun for best blooming.

COMMON LILACS, Syringa Vulgaris
Beauty of Moscow 10’+. Double, delicate pale pink to creamy white.. Z3
Charles Joly 10 -12’. Double, magenta. Old fashioned. Z3
Common Purple 12 -15’. Single, light purple. Z2
Common White 12 -15’. Single, white. Z2
Declaration 10’+. Deep purple-red. Z2
Ludwig Spaeth 10 -12’. Single, dark reddish purple. Z3
Monge 8 -10’. Single, dark red-purple.. Z3
Pocohontas 10’+. Single, purple. Z2
President Grevy 8 -10’. Double, lilac-blue. Z3
Royal Purple 8 -10’. Double, dark purple. Z2
Sensation 8’. Single, dark purple with a white edge. Z3
Virtual Violet 6 – 8’. Single, violet leaves, deep purple steams, raspberry-purple buds, violet flowers. Z3
Yankee Doodle 10’+. Single, one of the deepest and darkest purple. Z3

Bloomerang Dark Purple 4 – 5’. Syringa x Purple flowers, repeat bloomer. Z3
Dwarf Korean 4 x 4’. meyeri Palibin. red-purple buds open to pale lavender. Z3
Miss Kim 5 – 8’. Patula. Purple buds open to pale lavender. Z3

TREE Lilac, Syringa Reticulata
Ivory Silk 25 x 15’. Creamy-white flowers. Z3
Snowdance – compact tree 18’x20′ wide, very hardy. Fragrant white flowers. Z3