Rose Bush List

A rose bush generally loves full sun, and moist, well-drained soil. Keep them well fed – they love Rose-tone fertilizer. Below are some of the beautiful blooms we have in the nursery right now, and we have all of our rose varieties listed below.

DAVID AUSTIN English shrub roses all fragrant
Ambridge Z5, 3-4′. Cupped double flowers, strong fragrance, apricot flowers, reblooming.
Charles Darwin Z5, 3-4′. 3″ full yellow flowers in small clusters, fragrant, almost thornless, reblooming.
Falstaff Rose Z5-11, 3-5’T/W. Large 4-5″ dark red flowers, reblooming, strong fragrance.
Lady of Shalott Z5 4’. Striking apricot-yellow, chalice-shaped blooms. Healthy with vigorous, bushy growth. Ideal for inexperienced gardeners.
Mary Rose Z4, 4-5’T. Large, cupped 4-5″medium pink flowers in clusters, reblooming, full sun to part shade.
Pat Austin Z5, 4-5′. Large, cupped orange blend, reblooming, strong fragrance.
Princess Alexandra of Kent Z5, 3-4′. 4-5″ cupped clusters of medium pink flowers, strong fragrance.
Tranquillity Z5-11, 4’T/W. White double cupped flowers, vigorous, apple fragrance.
Winchester Cathedral (Sport of Mary Rose) Z4, 3-5’T, Large, white cupped flowers. Sometimes has white and pink flowers. Light fragrance.
Wisley 2008 Z5-11, 4-5’T. Cupped rosettes of soft pink. Delightful, fresh, fruity fragrance with hints of raspberries and tea. Elegantly arching growth. Good for disease resistance, reblooming, ideal for poor soil.


Above and Beyond
Z3-7, 10-14′. First edition. Combines extreme cane hardiness, reliable spring flowering and vigorous growth. Orange flower buds open in prolific clusters of five or more apricot colored semi-double to double flowers.
Autumn Sunset Z5 7-10’. This rose bush has everything: wonderful fragrance, great winter hardiness, outstanding disease resistance (especially to black-spot, a continual blooming beauty, 5” bloom.
Climbing Iceberg Z4 8 – 12’+. Crisp white flowers summer to fall. One of the top ten roses of the world and the best landscape white around, Iceberg is extremely disease resistant, vigorous and floriferous. The bushy rounded plant is robed in dark green foliage.
Dublin Bay Z5 8 – 12’+. Moderate fragrance, bright velvety-red, clusters of semi-double blossoms, covered from spring to frost, one of the finest red roses.
Eden Z5, 8-12’T. English-style, double blooms, cupped. Everblooming, fragrant, and deer resistant.
New Dawn Z5 10 – 20’. Sweet fragrance, silvery-cameo-pink, profusion of repeat blooming, 3” semi-double flowers, vigorous, may be grown as a shrub or a climber, most popular rose at the 11th World Convention of Rose Societies.
Ramblin Red Z3, 10′. Ramblin’ Red Rose is bathed in stunning fragrant ruby-red flowers with yellow eyes along the branches from late spring to late summer. Excellent disease resistance and surprising hardiness; all roses need full sun and well-drained soil
Sky’s the Limit Z4 10’+. Appealing fruity fragrance, buttery-yellow, bears heavy, repeated flushes of blossoms, exceptionally vigorous, disease resistant.
Westerland Z5 5 – 12’. Strong clove-rose-spicy fragrance perfumes the air, various shades of apricot-orange create an artistic look across double blooms which form clusters reaching 5”, vigorous and versatile classified as a shrub but can be trained as a climber.
White Dawn Z5 12-14’. Very fragrant sweet rose scent, large-flowered, semi-double, clean-pure-white blossoms, gardenia form, vigorous growth and flowers spring to frost, abundant red hips in autumn.
Zephyrine Drouhin Z6. 10 -12×6’; Deep rose-pink blooms, one of most consistently blooming, large flowered climbing rose, strong fragrance, thorn-less, will perform in part shade. Antique.


EASY ELEGANCE all disease resistant, everblooming
All the Rage Z4 2.5 – 4’. Semi-double, apricot blend aging to lipstick pink – luminous yellow centers, everblooming, shrub rose. Champagne Wishes Z4 3 – 4’. Apricot buds open to full 3” blooms in shades of antique white with a hint of apricot.
Mystic Fairy Z4 3 – 4’. Double, rich red blend, carpet the plant in massive clusters all summer long, compact vigorous shrub rose, mildew & blackspot resistant, produce no hips.
Snowdrift Z4 3 – 4’. Double, creamy white w/ hint of apricot near center, shrub rose.
Yellow Brick Road Z5 2 – 3’, full 2-3” Old fashioned lemon-yellow with outer petals slightly lighter in color, blackspot resistant,



KNOCKOUTS all disease resistant
Blushing Knockout Z5-11, 3-4’T/W. color:Light pink flowers. Bushy shape. Light pink blooms that, with age, fade to a delicate subtle pink. 
Red Knockout
Z4 3 – 4’. Single, fire engine red in cool weather and cherry red in the summer, compact and tidy, dark purplish green foliage turns burgundy in fall, carefree, drought tolerant, AARS 2000.
Double Red Knockout Z4 3 – 4’. Slight spicy fragrance, double, candy apple-red blend, continuous bloom, shade tolerant, maintenance free, self-cleaning.
Double Pink Knockout Z4 3 – 4’. Slight spicy fragrance, double, bright, bubble gum pink, continuous bloom, heat tolerant, maintenance free, self-cleaning.
Pink Knockout Z4 3 – 4’. Mildly fragrant, single, medium pink flowers, profuse bloomer, compact and tidy, carefree – thrives in humidity, maintenance free, selfcleaning, noted for its ability to bloom in as little as 3 hours per day of direct sun.

At Last
Z5, 36″T. Proven Winner’s Rose of the Year, this rose bush combines all the romance of a fragrant, fully-petaled tea rose with the no-nonsense practicality of a disease-resistant landscape rose. Non-stop display of large, sweetly perfumed sunset-orange blossoms from late spring through frost. Handsome, glossy foliage and a vigorous, rounded habit makes it ideal for use in the landscape or the flower garden.
Bonica Z4 4.5’. Lightly fragrant, large clusters of 2.5” soft candy-pink, fully double flowers, blooms to fall, disease resistant foliage, bright orange-red hips.
Carefree Sunshine Z4 3 – 6’. Outstanding disease-resistant rose. Clear yellow, single blooms appear in abundant clusters form spring to fall.
Champion Ivory Rose Z5, 4’T/W. 2-5″. Creamy white flowers. Bred by William Radler – Knockout breeder. Disease resistant, everblooming.
Champion Yellow Rose Z5, 4’T/W. Yellow fading to white flowers, 2-5″ blooms. William Radler introduction. Disease resistant.
Easy Does It Z5 3 – 6’. Sunset warmth of mango-orange-apricot-peach, fragrant large blooms, floribunda shrub rose, disease resistant, 2010 AARS.
Julia Child Z5 3 – 4’. Licorice-clove fragrance, buttery-yellow, very full and abundant blooms, consistent, 2006 AARS.
Oso Easy Hot Paprika Z3, 24″. Flowers from early summer through frost on a versatile, low-growing plant. Outstanding hardiness and disease resistance. One of the hardiest roses available.
Pink Homerun Z4 3.5 – 4’. Offers continuous bloom, vivid, rich pink flowers, black spot, mildew resistance and heat tolerance.
The Fairy Z5 2’. Double & pendulous, light apple fragrance, small pastel pink blend clusters, everblooming.
White Meidiland Z4-9, 1-2’T. Low-rowing shrub with lush, tough foliage and non-stop blooms. Pure snow white blooms, spring-fall. A wonderful ground hugging flowering shrub, ideal for banks and rocky areas. Still one of our most popular roses more then 20 years after introduced.


DRIFTS Groundcover and Mini Cross
Apricot Drift Z4 1.5 h x 2.5 w’. Double apricot colored flowers, groundcover, low maintenance, vigorous and cold hardy. Coral Drift Z4 1.5’. Bright coral-orange, extremely prolific and heavy bloomer spring to hard frost, cross between groundcover and miniature rose, disease resistant, self cleaning.
Peach Drift Z4 18 x 24”. Soft peach blooms cover plant mid-spring to first hard freeze, easy-care, vigorous and cold hardy, excellent disease resistance,low spreading habit fills gently around established plants, in borders or along paths.
Red Drift Z5 1.5’. Delicate, petite scarlet-red flowers, great flower power, cross between groundcover and miniature rose, excellent disease resistance.
Sweet Drift Z4 1.5 x2.5’. Clustered, clear pink double flowers, dark green glossy foliage, abundant, continuous flowering, exceptional disease resistance, groundcover, use along pathways, hillsides or at the front of a border.


RUGOSAS Beach or Salt Spray Roses
Alba Z3 4 – 6’. Single, long slender buds, whitest of white flowers with silky texture, repeat all summer long to frost, strong, very sweet fragrance, large orange-red hips in fall.
Blanc double de Coubert Z3 3 – 7’. Intoxicating fragrance day or night, purest-white, full recurrent bloom, hybrid rugosa.
Dwarf Pavement Z3 2 – 2.5’. Semi-double, rich fragrance, light pink, scarlet-red hips in fall, exceptional salt tolerance, shrub rose.
Foxi Pavement Z3 2.5 – 4’. Double & clustered, intensely fragrant, deep lavender pink, dark red hips in fall, recurrent bloom, hybrid rugosa.
Frau Dagmar Hartopp Z4 3 – 4’. Single, heavily fragrant, silvery pink, gorgeous red hips in fall, everblooming, hybrid rugosa.
Hansa Z3 4 – 6’. Intense fragrance, vibrant reddish-violet blooms, profuse large red hips, orange foliage in fall, recurrent bloom, hybrid rugosa.
Linda Campbell Z4, 6’T/W. Large clusters of true red flowers. Super vigorous. Dark green, quilty foliage. Disease resistant.
Lotty’s Love Z3-10, 3-4’T/W. Cinnamon scented rose with large, semi double flowers that are a deep shade of mauve. Medium sized with deep glossy green foliage. Minimal deadheading and pruning, disease resistance. First edition of Bailey Nursery.
Moje Harrarberg Z3-9, 4’T/W. Large, violet-crimson, double blooms with wonderfully strong fragrance. Edible hips are very large and purplish in color. Repeat blooming.
Purple Pavement Z2, 5’T. Large, ruffled blossoms with a purple-red color and strong fragrance. In the fall, the blossoms give way to large, handsome hips, and the foliage turns from green to shades of yellow and maroon. Repeat blooming.
Rugostar Z4, 4’T. Hardy. Clusters of bright, single deep pink flowers in summer; autumn brings orange hips; pleasing, light clove fragrance; very disease resistant and vigorous.
Snow Pavement Z4 1.5 – 2.5’. Fragrant double white flowers, low growing, repeat bloomer may to frost, disease resistant, tolerates light shade. Rugosa classic beach rose Z2 4 – 6’. Single, heady fragrance, mauve to purple-red, bright red hips in fall, species.
Therese Bugnet Z3 5 – 6’. Spicy fragrance, papery textured mauve-pink flowers, nearly thornless, deep red fall foliage, dark wine canes winter.
Topaz Jewel Z4, 2-4’T. Soft yellow blooms. Naturally hardy and disease resistant, free flowering, vigorous and sweetly fragrant.


Neither developed nor hybridized by man. Grown just as it is found in nature. Many have the characteristics that we rose bush lovers look for: scent, beautiful flowers, attractive foliage, tough winter hardiness, vigorous growth habit, disease resistance, adaptability to poorer soils, partial shade,low maintenance. Considered roses with stamina.
Virginiana (native) Z3, 5 x 3’; Single bright pink flowers; round orange-red hips; shiny leaves turn brilliant red-orange in late summer.