Vines and Climbing Plants

wisteria vine purple flowersWhen you can’t grow out, you can always grow UP! Vines and climbing plants are a clever way to take advantage of vertical spaces in a garden, and to cohesively integrate the aesthetic of your home and garden. They are a perfect way to create shade above a patio, or privacy along a fence. And it’s impossible to resist the charm of tendrilous blossoms spilling over a trellis or pergola. Vines are a versatile, dramatic, and romantic addition to any garden.


Please note: We break Clematis and Climbing Roses into their own lists, and do not include them here.

Lonicera Honeysuckle
Alabama Crimson 10-20’ Long trumpeted red bloom, the best-growing red available, non-fragrant but the plant quality makes up for the lack of fragrance. Attracts pollinators. Full sun. Shade tolerant. Z4


Dropmore Scarlet 10 – 20’ Bright orange-scarlet tubular flowers from June to September. Attracts pollinators. Red berries in fall. Full sun. Shade tolerant. Z4.


Goldflame 10 – 20’ Rosy-red and yellow fragrant flowers from June until frost. Oval blue-green foliage and purplish-red stems. Attracts pollinators. Full sun. Shade tolerant. Z4.


Honeybelle 10-20’ Deep gold flowers is like a waterfall the repeat bloom is extraordinarily consistent. Exceptionally hardy. Compact twining vine will bloom well into fall and produces some red berries.Full sun. Shade tolerant. Z3


Major Wheeler 8-10′ True red and plentiful blossoms. Fast growing. Blooms throughout summer. Resistant to powdery mildew. Non-aggressive, non-invasive that needs the support of a trellis, cage or fence. Right at home in containers and tolerant of partial shade. Attract hummingbirds. Z4-8


Mandarin 15-20’ Mandarin orange flowers with pale orange interiors on a vigorous twining vine will quickly cloak shade arbors, old trees, and woven wire fences. Drape over walls or let it sprawl across the rooftop for cottage garden charm. Full sun. Z4

Aristolochia durior or macrophylla Dutchman’s Pipe 15 – 20’ Vigorous, twinging vine. Grows flat against a trellis. Large heart shaped leaves. Insignificant yellow, smoking pipe shaped flowers hide under foliage. Likes sun to shade. Offers dense shade. Z5


Campsis radicans Trumpet Vine
Balboa Sunset 30’ Bold clusters of large, 4″, cherry-red, trumpet-shaped flowers with orange overtones bloom in late spring and continue sporadically through the fall, creating a dramatic show and also attracting hummingbirds. This clinging vine is a vigorous grower with deep green foliage throughout the season. Ideal for screening on a lattice, trellis or arbor, or to cover large areas as a groundcover.


Hydrangea anomala petiolaris Climbing Hydrangea 25 – 40’+ The Queen of the Vines. Likes part shade to shade; growth starts out slowly, but takes off year 3 or 4; white lacecap flowers; dark glossy foliage; nice cinnamon brown exfoliating bark; can be used as a gorgeous groundcover. Z4.


Amethyst Falls Twining plant grows one third the rate of Asian wisteria for better behavior in small spaces. Slightly fragrant purple racemes bloom at an early age. Great in containers for porch or patio. Z5.


Humulus Hops
Nugget Yields pale greenish-yellow female cones, used as a bittering agent in brewing and also enjoyed for herbal aroma qualities. Mulch in winter for protection. Ripens starting in August.


Blanca 20’+ Vigorous, decorative climber with foliage resembling that of grapes. Lemon-yellow new growth matures to a darker lime green, contrasting nicely with red-brown stems. The bell-shaped hops are very attractive. Prefers partial shade.