Fun in the Sun!

It’s grow time! We have plants arriving every week, filling our 9-acre nursery up with trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, edible, natives, and more.  All plant inventories are subject to seasonality and availability.


A wide selection of your favorite garden annuals for beds and borders, porch and patio pots, entryways, window boxes, and more. SEE ANNUALS.

Trees & Shrubs

Shop our beautiful trees and shrubs for your New England garden. Fruiting, flowering, ornamental, native, dwarf and more – we have a very wide selection to choose from. SEE TREES AND SHRUBS.


Rolling Green Nursery has Seacoast New Hampshire’s widest selection of perennials. Native plants, pollinator-friendly plants, wildlife habitat, roses, grasses, and so much more. SEE PERENNIALS.

Fruits and Edibles

Find small fruits, fruit trees, herbs, vegetables, edible flowers, and more at our nursery. SEE EDIBLES.

New England Native Plants

Using native plants of New England in your Seacoast garden is beneficial for so many reasons. Namely, they provide vital habitat for regional wildlife and ecosystems, and are evolved to survive in our region’s specific climate with far fewer maintenance needs, such as watering and insect control. And in addition to that, they’re beautiful. Here is a list of some New England native plants, and we encourage you to incorporate as many of them as possible in your garden.

Look Through the Proven Winners' Spring 2022 Idea Book

Proven Winners just released their coveted Gardener’s Idea Book for 2022! We will have hard copies in store in early March, but for now, you can find an online copy of it here. Get inspired! Spring is on the way!

Gardening Simplified: The Proven Winners' Landscaping Book

This free ebook from Proven Winners has great how-to guides, definitions, inspirational ideas, and lots of gorgeous plant photos to drool over!
NH Certified Landscape Professional

Learn About Gardening

We are here to help you learn about plants and make the garden of your dreams. Whether you are a novice or experienced gardener, the Rolling Green Nursery team will always be on hand to answer any questions, give a little guidance, or provide a bit of support for your projects, both large and small. We offer a wide selection of perennials, annuals, shrubs, trees, fruits, vines, natives, pollinators, and houseplants. Some are familiar favorites, and some are stunning new varieties.

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