Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Native New England Plants?

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  • Shaye Robbins

    Three questions! What is the plant in the second picture? Also; I got the answer wrong for the question that included “the salem man or Joapi” which I thought was Joe Pye Weed (what is the answer?) AND i got the one wrong “used exclusively by Monarchs…” Which I thought was common milkweed. What is the answer?

    • rgnursery

      Hi there! That is a Columbine. And that is native to New England. And oh my gosh! Thank you for finding that and telling me. My setting for the back end of the quiz to say it was right or wrong was not marked. I’ve fixed that now. So the correct answers were Joe Pye Weed and Common Milkweed – you had it right! Thank you so much for alerting me to this.

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