Plants and Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Shopping for Valentine's Day?

Shopping for Valentine’s Day? Find unique houseplants, gifts, cards, and more at our garden store. Know a plant or nature lover? Consider giving them a gift card.

String of Pearls
Pink Jasmine and Begonia
String of Hearts
String of Hearts
Valentine's Day Cards
Pink Princess Philodendron
Flowering Houseplants like Anthurium
Heart-shaped Planters
Thai Constellation Monstera
Heart-shaped Succulent Container
Gift Cards
Silver Pothos
Hoya Hearts
Love Birds Birdbath
Heart-shaped Gardening Tools
Baby Plants
A Succulent Container
Pilea: The Friendship Plant
Local SeaBee Honey
A Dish Garden
Valentine's Day Cards
Heart-leaf Philodendron
Succulent Heart Cards
Heart-shaped Rain Cups
African Violets
Her Own She Shed Space
A Kitchen Towel
Peperomia Rosso
Solmate Socks
Pink Jasmine