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We have a wide selection of soils, mulches, composts, screened loams, and hays available in bulk or bagged form. These materials can be custom blended based on your needs. Visit us or call 603.436.2732 to learn more about the materials we offer, and seasonal products we carry, such as salt marsh hay. We can schedule a site delivery. All of our bulk materials are of the highest quality available and locally sourced — perfect for mulching flower beds, over seeding and top dressing lawns, or adding organic compost to raised beds. And RGN owner Rick Simpson, a New Hampshire-certified landscape professional, hand selects all materials.

Bark Mulch

Our premium, authentic dark mulch has been aged and composted naturally. No color enhancements, no chemical additives.


Our locally sourced compost has been New Hampshire certified for organic use in gardens.

Screened Loam

3/8″ screened field loam sourced in state.

Coast of Maine Bumper Crop Soil Builder: Everything your plants need in one bag!
Coast of Maine Black Earth: Premium Top Soil for Gardens and Lawns.
Coast of Maine Quoddy Blend for Vegetables, Flowers & Lawns
Coast of Maine Penobscot Blend for Planting Annuals. Perennials, Roses & Shrubs
Coast of Maine Bar Harbor Blend for Houseplants, Window Boxes & Containers
Coast of Maine Fundy Blend for Mulching Shrubs & Beds

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