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Authentic Dark Bark Mulch

Premium old mulch has been aged naturally for several years darkening to a rich chocolate brown that slightly fades in the sun over time. No color enhancement. No chemical additives.

NH Compost
Certified for Organic Use

Our compost is comprised of yard and food waste which break down slowly over time adding nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and micronutrients to soil.

Bulk and Bagged

Screened Loam

We recommend mixing compost into your loam, if you are adding it in your garden.

Importance of Nourishing Soil

Plants require healthy soil to be more resilient to pests, disease and drought. Conditioning soil with compost improves soil structure and texture for easier cultivation and plant adjustment, better drainage, moisture retention, and increased air flow to plant root systems.

Bumper Crop

Organic Soil Amendment

A blend of manure and shellfish compost, worm castings, kelp, peat, aged bark and lobster, inoculated with endo and acto mycorrhizal fungi to improve root function is a terrific, all-purpose amendment. Approved for organic growers.

More Coast of Maine Amendments:
PENOBSCOT Compost & Peat
QUODDY Lobster Compost
WISCASSET Earthworm Castings

Outdoor/formerly Complete Planting Mix

Garden Gypsom
Soil Acidifyer
Garden Lime
Blood Meal
Bone Meal
Compost Starter
Kelp Meal

Black Gold
Canadian Peat Moss

Bar Harbor Blend

Premium Organic Potting Soil

This blend is made at our Maine facility with peat, perlite, seafood compost, composted manure and kelp. Designed for potting indoor and outdoor container plants. If you are looking for a potting soil approved for organic growers this is your best choice.

Other Coast of Maine Soils:
Bumper Crop Grower’s Mix
Gardener’s Gold
Sprout Island Organic Seed Starter

Professional Potting Mix
NH Plant Growers All Purpose Container Mix

Organic Espoma
Orchid Mix
Cactus Mix
Seed Starter Mix

Organic Green Mountain Compost
Rolling Green Nursery has added a new 20qt. line of certified organic compost, premium topsoil and premium potting mix from Green Mountain Compost that is approved for use in organic gardens.

Fundy Blend

Mulch & Seaweed

Nice mixture of composted, very old dark bark and seaweed. The seaweed enhances its moisture holding capacity and provides a natural source of micronutrients.


Buckwheat Hulls


North Country Organics
• Pro-Gro 5-3-4
• Natural No-Phos 6-0-6
• Pro-Holly 4-6-4

Espoma Organic Tones
Tomato, Rose, Holly, Plant, Potash


Lucerne Farms
Premium Blended
Chopped Straw & Hay
(sterile heat treated)

Locally Harvested
Salt Marsh Hay

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