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  • Sharri

    If you soak seeds in apple cider vinegar, do you need water as well, or does that just pertain to the bleach method? I’ve soaked seeds with vinegar only and they didn’t sprout. Please help. Thanks!

    • rgnursery

      Yes – you would use one cup of hot water and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Just the vinegar may be damaging to the seeds. Water dilutes it.

      • Chris

        How hot? Is there a temperature that destroys the seeds?

        • rgnursery

          I wouldn’t do boiling, but more the hot water from your faucet. But I wouldn’t push it too far.

  • Kristi

    Can I use regular seeds? Or is it best to use seeds packaged for sprouting? Botanical Interests tests their sprouting seeds for certain pathogens.. Do garden seeds get tested also?

    • rgnursery

      Great question! I would use seeds meant to be used for sprouting, so you know that the seeds are intended to be eaten and grown safely. Botanical Interests has seeds meant for this exact purpose, and so I would stick to seeds intended for this use.

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