Store Policies

Owners of Rolling Green Nursery Seacoast NH

A sales receipt must be presented along with the defective plant to our sales staff. Plant material is guaranteed for store credit or replacement. Rolling Green Nursery’s responsibility and liability will not exceed the purchase price of the plant. There is no guarantee on a replacement plant.

All plants need proper care during the planting and ensuing garden seasons. Plant according to directions provided with your purchase. Plants in declining health should be treated immediately. Our professional staff, upon request, will give diagnosis for treatment. If the plant brought back has green tissue and live buds, no refund will be given. Rolling Green Nursery is not responsible for plants affected by extreme natural conditions: drought, floods, ice, heavy snow, extreme cold, or by neglect by the customer

Trees and Shrubs:
Up to one year, with a store credit of 50% when returned. If Rolling Green plants the nursery stock, there is a one year guarantee on the plant cost only. Labor and equipment costs are not guaranteed.

Roses and Perennials:
Up to 30 days.

There is no guarantee on: annuals, pond plants, sod, live-balled Christmas trees, plants in potted containers that are left in the container all year round, plants damaged by mechanical or chemical injury, or sale-priced items.

Plant inventory and other items listed and pictured on our website may not be currently in stock. Please call for availability. If you have any questions about our internet site, suggestions, or problems using this site, please e-mail us at info@rollinggreennursery.com.

Planting & Delivery Policy
We offer planting services and local delivery. Please call us at 603-436-2732 for more information about delivery locations and associated fees.

Tagging and Cancellation Policy
Tagged plants must be paid for the day they are tagged. We will hold and maintain sold plants for 2 weeks in the sold area. After this time, there is a 5% maintenance fee. If the order is cancelled, there is a 15% handling fee to untag plants and return them to the nursery for sale.

Payment Forms
We accept, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX, cash and personal checks.

Note: There is a $25 fee for bouncy checks.